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Convenience and style on your back

If you are a very active and constantly moving woman, come in to our shop where you will find the woman's bacpack in Bologna that is closer to your lifestyle.
Practice to wear, they are a viable fashion alternative to the classic bag. They are made of fabric or leather, monocolour or in different range of colour. Easy to wear with a minimalist and chic outfit.
Sporty or stylish, the backpacks in our store are matched to any type of dress. The ideal choice for motorbike lovers, not cluttered and are made in different sizes. You can choose between two-shoulder or mono shoulder backpacks.
At our point of sale we select a wide range of backpacks of the most important brands that differ in quality and attention care of the details.

A bag for everyone

The backpack, however, is one of the few bags get used by men as well. In fact, we have selected many models both in leather and in tissue that can accompany your partner or your husband at any time of the day. Handy and fashionable, they can be worn to go to work or during the holidays. Backpacks instead of bigger size can replace the suitcase in small and short journeys.
Come and visit us to touch the quality of our products and choose the color that best represents you. For daily use, a gift or a gala evening our shop is the ideal choice for fashion lovers and for those who want to cuddle themself with quality shopping.
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