Menaudière bag Bologna


A little gem in my hands

Small, elegant and very refined bag to wear with or without the ideal chain for the evening and for receptions or worldly events.
The menaudière bag in Bologna is very rigid and little capacious with curves that alternate between square lines and rigid lines.
It is compact and has a very rigid body that is generally covered with satin and with snap-on closure.
This bag is considered a real artwork and gives a very sophisticated look. The most popular models are realized in in rectangular or ovoid shape.
Can be considered it a real jewel to show off, a work of art between your hands.
Borsa minaudiere Bologna
Borsa aperta

The bag for your gala evenings

The menaudière bag is a real jewel purse not to be confused with the evening pochette. An ornamental casket to be wear with a ceremony dress it will give you a very sophisticated aura.
It is made of leather, with rhinestones or precious stones.
They are worn by actresses and celebrity they are among the most sought-after handbags by women.
In our shop you will can find them in different shapes, although the most popular models are the rectangular that resembles the old cigarette holder and the ovoid shape, also because these two models have a greater capacity.
If you are extravagant and you want to surprise or make you an important gift you have to buy a menaudière bag.
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