Doctor Bag Bologna


From the retro style to an extreme line

Squared bags of medium size shape, ideal to be used throughout the year. Their remember the old schoolbag with which we went to school, a fascinating and fashionable accessory to be worn both a pair of jeans and a paintsuit.
Classical but at the same time original with its square shape.
The doctor bag in Bologna in our store are available in either the maxi size or the large size. Both are large and suitable for both day and evening use.
They usually have the dual front buckle and the comfortable shoulder strap that gives it a more sporty look.Come and try it.
Doctor bag
Doctor bag Bologna
Doctor bag bianca

Femininity and extravagance

The doctor bags are well-known for their feminine and chic details, embellished with sophisticated shapes and high quality leather. They are made of both leather and tissue with varied colors ranging from classic to pop colors. It is preferable to combine them with a sober style.
The medium model replaces the classic speedy-bag and makes it a chic purse suitabale for the evening.
The satchel of this bag is adjustable, you can stretch or shorten it according to your needs. It is generally very thin and replaces the handles especially after loading it with our objects.
Some models with a particular shape recall the medical bags, by the net and square shape, they donate an interesting contrast if you wear it on extremely feminine clothes. Come and try them.
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